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2¢ on AdWords

2¢ on AdWords

  1. Make sure you set up analytics and conversions tracking. If you don’t have a target conversion think of one before you start

  2. Compounding interest is the most powerful force in the universe. Every little you learn more about your audience is can be redeemed as interest on your ad spend. Focus on learning about your audience vs advertising your brand (read: take it easy on the creatives)

  3. Start small. Better a high bid on a short list of keyword than a low bid on a long one. Over time your quality score and knowledge of the medium will rebalance this principle. Complex campaigns have higher creation/distribution ratios.

    1. A good number of keywords to start is 10 per adgroup. Be wise and keep it simple. You have to include at least one keyword per ad

    2. If your category allows (most do) run a keyword insertion campaign. This is not a banner, you are writing copy for search results

    3. Negative keywords matter. If you are @warbyparker exclude: wine, water, crystal, portrait, picture…

    4. If you don’t have double of your budget, don’t try A/B you most likely don’t have the resources to execute properly

  4. Refine your audience and focus your budget on your demographic common denominators

  5. Time schedules are also important. Nobody searches at 2am in the morning to make sound rational decisions

  6. If you see an opportunity in specialty searches (how, where, best, most etc.) consider investing in SEO friendly content (written, video and audio)

  7. Allocate more money to the times of day when it makes most sense. Don’t rely on the algorithm, duplicate your campaigns and change the schedule across

  8. Take >30 minutes a day, every day to a. Give it love to the search terms report b. Know your Quality Score, CTR, Clicks, Conversions c. Pivot your data. CTR/Keyword is as important as Conversions/Keyword d. Allow 2 days for data to develop and compare with GA

  9. Don’t rush decisions, this is not a fast game. You have more to lose by reacting than taking your time

  10. Always change settings whenever it makes sense

Last: Always be learning, platforms ship features every month

  1. Speak with your Google Ads account manager on regular basis and questions

  2. Subscribe to newsletters and blogs

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measure what matters

measure what matters

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