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early stage brand

early stage brand

Brand is more than a logo and a typeface, to me a brands is

a collection of human like features that
bring a company to life in the mind of its customers

If you don’t know who you are, it will be hard to share your story with others. Start with your vision/mission/purpose statements

  • Vision creates long term alignment
    What we are going to be remembered in history

  • Mission creates mid term alignment 
    What we are doing today that will make us famous

  • Purpose creates short term alignment 
    What are the means we'll adopt to meet our ends?

Most companies out there don't take this seriously their effort are corny and useless, yours shouldn’t

When done right these three are a compass to align your team everyday objectives towards one direction, yes brand starts within the company

Once you know who you are and where you are going then its time to define your features

From a first glance to very intimate details, you can judge someone by

  • The places they hang out (category)

  • The way they dress (identity)

  • The way they talk (tone of voice)

  • What are they famous for (tagline)

  • What they have to offer (value proposition)

  • The fundamental truths of their being (values)

  • The way they interact with people (purpose)

  • What's their job (mission)

  • What legacy they want to leave behind (vision)

Customers will perceive these from the top down
Employees will instead deploy them bottom up

There is a lot, it's Important that all should be easy to remember without effort

If it takes longer than a sentence to explain, only who's interested will listen to the end. Most people don’t care

Defining your category is very important as it has a direct impact on all other traits

  • If the place you hang out is a pub vs board room

  • Then the way you dress is casual vs formal

  • And the way you talk is fun vs serious

Read more category definition in this other post

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