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growth recipe

growth recipe

My first business was in food, the core activity making meals from scratch

The biggest challenge was to figure out how to scale deliciousness, how to achieve consistency of taste day in and day out

Nature is not consistent, ingredients change their cooking behaviour according to a myriad of factors that impact their development from the plant all the way to the kitchen

The process of cooking is also tricky, chemical reactions can be thrown off by few degrees, few grams, few minutes

If you have ever mastered a recipe, you know. Cooking good food consistently is about preparation, precision and knowing how to adapt to the unexpected

Its where art meets science

Growth is just about the same, finding a repeatable path to market that can deliver results consistently is just as hard as to invent and master a new recipe

Customers are humans, whom just like plants change according to a wealth of factors outside your control

Growth is about finding that repeatable recipe and getting to know all the ingredients well enough to mitigate storms before they happen

Growth is about getting the basics right, just like you can’t cook a meal for 50 in your home kitchen, you need the right space/equipment

Growth is about prepping, experimentation, routines and skills

Growth is like cooking

Customers, marketing, sales and products are ingredients

The recipe is consistency of delicious tase 🤑

👋🏼fabri here, former founder and consultant
working with startups, helping them grow

and yes, I make a mean risotto

made in america

made in america