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year of the harvest

year of the harvest

London, Jan 2018

2018 has much significance to me

It’s the year I’m turning 28, to me the equivalent of most people 30th

It also marks the end of a 10 year cycle that began right after my high school graduation

Ten years of figuring out who do I wanna be when I grow up. Time has come

The horoscope says

  • Love: build a family of my own

  • Career: be challenged everyday

  • Wealth: give back 10x what I received

It’s the year to shake things up. Fuck incremental improvements, go big or go home

Three missions

  • Get married

  • Find a new career challenge

  • Change my everyday landscape

It’s time to harvest and prep the soil for a new crop 🌱

2018 will be the year of the harvest.

The year I’m cashing on my chips, leave the casino and start something new, this time with clarity of purpose. Wish me luck

👋🏼fabri here, former founder and consultant
working with startups, helping them grow

moving on

moving on

play bigger

play bigger