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household stack

household stack

We are not quite as bad as those running trello boards for household chores (have you met my wife?)

But recently we’ve started introducing some tech in our household - a business vertical I’m excited to see growing in the future


1password $ 4.99/month family account allows you to share securely not just your netflix and prime log-ins, but also on-line banking credentials as well as storing passports, driving licences, birth certificates and what not

Takes a little time investment to get started, hardest part is admitting that you’ve used the same password 50 times in a row. But once you are up and running you start to realise how bad you had it before


Our async conversations are about a million different topics, imessage and whatsapp are not great at organising complex conversations. It’s just one long stream, I hate it

You can’t tag, you can’t search easily, you can’t thread or have separate channels with one given person. Not cool

To organise our +3k messages a month we run a free slack account. One channel per macro, eg.: #finance, #home_paris, #shopping_pw, etc.

Game changer

@SlackHQ when are you going to do a pro-family plan?

Digital storage:

We are a Google home (surprise!) we love: docs, drive, photos, calendar, you name it!

Given our Google love it makes a lot of sense to be on a shared 100gb family plan (I think they call it ‘one-drive’) it’s also WAY cheaper than Apple extortionate iCloud prices

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b2c vs b2b growth

b2c vs b2b growth

goodbye london

goodbye london