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manage yourself first

manage yourself first

London, April 2018

Effective management is about enabling others to do their best work

As a manager your only job should be to help teams find their own voice and shape their own path to success

Empowered teams go further, churn less and become the self-learning engine at the centre of successful organisations

You don’t know where you are going, so stop giving people directions. Give your team the tools to find their own path

Easier said than done

Like the old Chinese proverb: ‘fish rots from the head’

It starts with you

Do you want a productive team? Be productive

Do you want an inspired team? Be inspired

Do you want ‘fill in the blank’ team? Be it

Start by managing yourself:

  1. Read a book, then another

  2. Go to therapy twice a month

  3. Get a coach at least 20 years older than you

Learn about the basic instincts that drive your behaviour and actively manage yourself to direct the outcome

And only once you have acknowledged the full extent of your shortcomings, then manage others

👋🏼fabri here, former founder and consultant
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team principles

team principles

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