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measure what matters

measure what matters

Today a new hero has been forged in my mind. John Doerr - with a name like that, how couldn’t he be a hero of mine?

Not only John has the most impressive CV of VC-land but also he’s the one guy who opened my eyes to the true value of OKRs

Previously the only ‘reputable’ read abut OKRs (oh yeah, this post will feature the acronym several times, get used to it) was Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke

Quite frankly I didn’t get much out of Christina’s book. It lacked valuable context on where do OKRs come from and why are they shaped the way they are today

John’s book it’s very different, it gives historical context, several practical applications in real world scenarios, goes beyond OKRs itself into feedback loops, it’s a full stack guide. I love it

Since it came out I bought 6 copies, I keep giving it away. It’s that good

Main takeaways

  • Objectives are a tool to enforce focus (yeah I know, it was all in Christina’s title)

  • Key results are NOT a task list

  • If it took you less than a day to come up with your objective you are not ambitious enough

  • If you already have KRs before you’ve identified the objective you are lying to yourself

  • OKRs are a medium to long haul managment device

  • There is no dogmatic way of doing it

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OKRs - 28th years

OKRs - 28th years

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