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OKRs - 28th years

OKRs - 28th years

Since I was a child I’ve been thinking of my 28th birthday as THE major milestone, similarly to the way most people think of their 30th

Yes I’m weird like that

To celebrate, I’ve decided to gift myself a set of personal OKRs

Yes, I just got even weirder

For those not familiar -> sit down a couple of hours with John

I wanted to focus on stuff that I know I’m bad and been thinking of getting better for a while

These are not perfect, but a good enough first try. I’ll check back in 6m

Organise our wealth

- Run monthly budgets
- Save at least 20% of our salaries minus overhead
- Invest at least 10% of our liquid monthly assets

Launch a media property

- Create at least 26 pieces of content
- Publish on a by-monthly schedule
- Syndicate across at least 3 platforms on a weekly basis

Improve my presence

- Aim for an 80/20 listening/speaking conversation ratio
- Always start with the other person business
- Schedule at least 30% personal time

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working with startups, helping them grow

deal with it

deal with it

measure what matters

measure what matters