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deal with it

deal with it

Paris, July 2018

I’ll admit I’m lazy

Many of my friends laugh out loud whenever I announce this, but it’s true

My drug is procrastination my high is laziness, the side-effect anxiety

I’ve been guilty since a young age, when I wouldn’t do my math homework and freak out all night thinking of the consequences

That anxiety still haunts me

I try to hide behind the fact that ‘I perform best under pressure’ or that ‘bill gates once said lazy people are the best’ (it’s true google it) but you all know these are just excuses to indulge further, you are lazy too

Truth is that life is so much better when you get shit done

You become more useful to others, you build confidence in yourself which helps you get out there and do more good

What you’d call a virtuous circle

How do I curb my laziness?

  • Calendarise tasks until they get done

  • Self-address emails with delayed send

  • Treat my inbox like a temple

  • A lot of Slack reminders

  • Start each day with a list of things I want to get done

  • OKRs

👋🏼fabri here, former founder and consultant
working with startups, helping them grow

goodbye london

goodbye london

OKRs - 28th years

OKRs - 28th years