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how I learn

how I learn

Being dyslexic, in the context of learning by reading, requires an abnormal amount of focus

It’s really frustrating, I've been this way since my early days and it hasn’t gotten any better

A couple of years ago I’ve found a way to hack my reading process and learn new things with minimal frustration

  1. Before reading a book, I listen to it. Preferably at 2x speed or above

  2. While listening I make note of the key concepts that strike my mind

  3. I then re-read only the relevant parts in paper version and highlight

  4. Next I write a sentence summary that I can use in my day to day

  5. Finally I apply the key lesson/s within a week from writing the summary


  • No time wasted on fillers, when you listen at 2x speed only what really matters sticks

  • When I’m actually learning (point 3 & 4) I’m really eager because I know my focus is well spent and I’m not wasting any time

  • Finding a way to act on the key lessons creates a precedent in my everyday that becomes easy to refer to


  • Speed listening requires a mindless background activity, I do it when I travel/ commute. Pretty limiting time/spans or frequency

  • Hard to cement a key concept when it’s not relevant to your everyday context. I usually defer the lesson and try focus on something current instead

I’m not saying this process will work for anyone, but if it works well for dyslexic me, maybe it will work well for you too

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are you hands on?

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