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SaaS vs SdbS

SaaS vs SdbS

I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile

SaaS = Software as a Service

SdbS = Service delivered by Software

If you work in tech startups, SaaS is all the rage
And why not? SaaS is the vanilla of tech

Platform / chicken & egg problem, boom or bust

E-commerce / not defensible, low returns

SaaS / scales linearly, investor dream

So sexy that everyone wants to be in it

But pure SaaS are hard to come by. It takes a lot of luck to strike gold where no-one was looking

Most early stage startups are instead service businesses distributed via digital first approaches. Iterative innovation instead of the silicon valley disruptive narrative

The efficiency narrative coupled with proven needs and large addressable markets ensures a steady flow of investments is poured into SdbS

But unlike SaaS we yet have to write playbooks that allow us to replicate success across

  • Building products that are rooted IRL

  • Shift old needs to new solutions

  • Blend old distribution strategies with new acquisition channels

And I don’t even know if it’s possible to find repeatability, so far I had no luck

Perhaps the reason why the old way of doing business is inefficient is indeed down to the nature of business itself rather than lack of innovation per se

What I know is that SdbS is the wild west of go-to-market, if you are a pioneer join me @fabritravels

👋🏼fabri here, former founder and consultant
working with startups, helping them grow

vision is focus

vision is focus

off to a great start

off to a great start