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A year ago, for my 28th birthday, I gifted myself a set of personal OKRs. Geeky, and it gets worse.

If you are new to this blog, welcome 👋 I’m fabri former founder and consultant working with startups, helping them grow.

Parody account, from my wife, of my early days running a growth agency

Parody account, from my wife, of my early days running a growth agency

I’ve built my first website in 2004.

With Adobe Dreamweaver back in my hometown of Milan, Italy.

Back then, I didn’t speak a word of english and most of my HTLM skills I’ve learnt on magazines. Yes, printed magazines about computers and the internet, it sounds so ridiculous today.

This is Europe, pre i-Phone, when owning a mac was a privilege reserved to the creative class of advertisers and designers.

I’ve built sites for fun, profit, clients, my own businesses, friends, family and more. A lot of websites. Always for others, never personal.

I just didn’t have that much to share.

Last year, I decided to try the power of OKRs mixed with public accountability and set personal objectives for my 28th birthday.

If you are curious to know more here a status update as of January.

Long story short, I had three main objectives one for each dimension of the ‘horoscope’:

  1. Personal

  2. Career

  3. Wealth

Back then I had just signed with the alan team, so under career I decided to kickstart a media property, this blog.

I figured that over the past 15 years I did develop a point of view on the world and felt ready to share.

What I’ve learnt from this experiment

For my personal and wealth objectives I wanted to see if I could develop some degree of discipline around money managment and personal time off. And bottom line result: I need to aim a little higher in these two categories.

But the true revelation was this blog.

I purposely put off promoting this platform, mainly because the journey from first post till now has changed the original expectations I had of this project.

At the start, I wanted to produce and hoard some kind of original ip (intellectual property). The aim was to create content that people would come to read about and grow some equity while scaling traffic.

Maybe one day this will be the cornerstone of my personal brand. I thought.

Turns out, I actually don’t really care about that. I discovered I get so much more value out of this project by treating it as a real personal blog.

Musings on growth

Is a fortnightly publication. Every 14th of the month I will post content about the world of growth marketing. A reflection on some topic that caught my attention over the previous month.

On the 28th of the month instead I’ll write about some personal growth stuff.

Now, this is important. I don’t expect anybody to ready this.

Over the last 30 some posts I’ve learnt that this is a therapeutic diversion to my routine. It brings focus to my thoughts and creates a healthy creative tension in my life.

The pressure to deliver a post every other week, at all costs, is energising.

I love writing this sh*t

I love writing this sh*t

If you want it to be a thing. Make it a thing.

In an earlier post I’ve talked about the power of vision as a mean to define focus in building a successful business.

The same is true for your personal life. Have a goal, stick to it.

Wether you do it consciously or subconsciously set the bar really high chances are you can do better than you think, even in your subconscious.

Then, just do it.

I’ve recently discontinued my todo list. Every task should be calendarised. And if it doesn’t fit the calendar, execute immediately.

And this is what this blog is going to be about.

An ode to the power of intentionality.

Think about what I want to write. Write about it.

Two posts per month.

One about growth marketing, the other about growing up.

What’s important is to keep the pace and enjoy the journey.

I’m going to write for myself first.

Venice, CA. 2019

Venice, CA. 2019

What about my 29th birthday objectives?

To be true to what I’ve learnt this year, I’ll push the boundaries a little and run a three year cycle.

By my 32nd birthday I’d like to be in a position where my horoscope is:

proved to be an intentionally better husband, brother and son

developed a strong and well articulated career thesis

diversified our household sources of income


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my thesis

my thesis

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