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good enough websites

good enough websites

I started coding websites at 14, when dreamweaver, HTLM 4 and FTP were as common buzzwords as a CSS, React and CTAs

Since then I’ve built a lot of websites, for my businesses for clients, friends, uni projects, personal projects, I literally lost track of all the domains I’ve registered though the years

Technologies may have changed, but the basic principles of a good enough website remains the same

Keep it simple

A good enough website tells a short story about

  1. who you are

  2. what you do

  3. how to get in touch

That’s it. You may think you need to cover the why, the when, the how it works and more but really that’s the role of your product not your website

If your product needs instructions before the buy, then you have failed building a good enough website or go to market strategy

Less is more

Focus on one path and optimise for that path alone. What do you want your users to do on your site?

Driving paid traffic to your site is a good way to focus

When you pay for every single click, the true nature of your intentions comes out. If you were to pay for every visitor what would you want them to do?

Don’t be shy, and don’t think for a second that people care as much as you do. They don’t. Be clear, be sharp

Put your call to action above the fold, hide all the fluff in the secondary navigation menu (aka footer)

Good enough websites are the best ones. They get the job done, they are easy to maintain and optimise, they deliver results

If you want an opinion about your own, reach out

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